A fulfilling sex life is healthy and natural.

Physical and emotional intimacy are essential parts of your well-being.
When sexual dysfunction occurs, having that fulfilling sex life can be difficult. As a sex counsellor we may be able to help by reframing your sexual challenges and increase your sexual satisfaction.

Sex counselling or Therapy

Helps resolve various sexual issues from concerns about sexual functioning to difficulties in your sexual relationship. Or to understanding and owning your sexuality as an individual.

It is a type of talk counselling that is designed to help individuals and couples address medical, psychological, personal or interpersonal factors impacting sexual satisfaction.

Sex Counselling or therapy may help you reframe your sexual challenges and increase your sexual satisfaction.

Through sex counselling, you may focus on issues such as:

  • Concerns about sexual desire, or arousal.
  • Concerns about sexual interests or sexual orientation.
  • Impulsive or compulsive sexual behaviour.
  • Erectile functioning concerns.
  • Ejaculating early (premature ejaculation).
  • Difficulty with sexual arousal.
  • Trouble reaching orgasm.
  • Concerns regarding past unwanted sexual experiences.

I use a variety of techniques in counselling, to find what will work best for you. These techniques are likely to include dialogue, interpretation, cognitive reframing, awareness exercises, self-monitoring experiments, visualization, journal-keeping, drawing and reading books.

The goal of sex counselling or therapy is to help people move past physical and emotional challenges to have a satisfying relationship and pleasurable sex life.

Your counselling session could be about:

  • Your sexuality

    Understanding and owning your sexuality as an individual. To live in your own skin with strength and confidence as who you feel you are.

  • A fresh look at sex

    This is helpful after an abuse or bad experience. When you have been through sexual abuse and now found a loving partner, that you want to give your all to.

  • Satisfaction

    To attain better satisfaction in the bedroom or to explore more with your loved one.

  • Being your own person

    and understanding your own body.

And just as important, talking about your day to day needs, and wants.

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To get started

  • You agree to undertake counselling with Jo. You can end your counselling at any time you wish (after full payments have been made) and you can refuse any requests or suggestions made by Jo.
  • You are over the age of 18 years.
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